Wiess is a start up technology company under in the new era of transportation, innovation and safety .Founded in late 2017 by a group of technical experts and enthusiasts we set out with a clear vision: To become the undisputed leader provide total solution in vehicle and consumer electronics flied and connected software solutions for various applications .

Wiess has a solid foundation for engineering quality that has been developing and producing car interior system and consumer electronics for over ten years.

Wiess aims to become the leading automobile technical provider that dedicate to offering best solution in vehicle to help automakers meet environmental and safety challenges. Not only we can provide the up-to-date in-vehicle technology but also we ensure our development puts safety first and speed up the project development process, and deliver a quality product to automobile market .

Wiess continues the commitment to ensuring the well-being of people in the autonomous journey.

ISO 26262 is a automotive safety standard that defines functional safety for electronic systems, electrical systems, and software components in the automotive market.

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