ISO 26262 – Driverless car development puts safety first

As the number of car models with the latest technology onboard increases, car-makers and consumers are being make more and more aware of their advantages and preparing them for the dawn of full-scale autonomous vehicles.

The WIESS ‘s safety is assessed to be compliant with ISO 26262 Automotive Safety Integrity Level. ISO 26262 is a standard adapted from IEC 61508 that defines functional safety for electronic systems, electrical systems, and software components in the automotive market.

Wiess passed the TUV ISO 26262 FSE (Functional Safety Engineer) training in the beginning of 2018, we also determine to devote ourselves to engaging in the product design according to ISO26262 strictly, and to use the safety management skill to scan our in-vehicles design and to make sure the quality and risk management are under the series safety assessment.

Without a doubt, Wiess ‘s engineering and development service provider in Asia are helping shape autonomous safety in the future.